Jersey Giant

Jersey Giant is one of the the hybrid asparagus varieties taking the market by storm.  Developed in the 90's, Jersey Giant (like its counterparts Jersey Knight and Jersey Supreme) is a hybrid variety with mostly male plants, which produce up to three times as much as older, open-pollinated male/female varieties such as Mary Washington.

Although not quite as disease resistant or adaptive as the Jersey Knight, Jersey Giant is one of the nation's top producers, and the standard by which future asparagus varieties will be compared.  Jersey Giant spears are bigger than Jersey Knight, but just as tender.  They average a similar harvest, by weight.  

NOTE:  Asparagus is a perennial vegetable bed, with 20+ years of production, if properly prepared and established.  Do not harvest the spears during the first growing season, after transplanting.  The second year you may harvest any spears that grow larger than a pencil for a period of 3 weeks or so, then stop and let the rest fern out.  In following years, asparagus plantings can be harvested until early to mid-June.  

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