Archer Strawberry Plants

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LIMITED to max 500 Plants, if you need large quantities consider the available alternatives: 

For HUGE berries, we recommend Cabot Strawberry Plants

For newer or comparable strawberry varieties, with large berries and good flavor, we recommend Flavorfest or Galletta

We are very excited to introduce this new variety developed at Cornell University by Courtney Weber.

A perfect choice for markets or fruit stands: beautiful, flavorful, aromatic strawberries that hold their size for the 2-3 week season of production.  The fruit also holds over well and the hardy plants show resistance to many of the problems common to strawberries.  

  • Early season: Ripens about 4 days after AC Wendy
  • Very large to Huge fruit size
  • Excellent flavor
  • Firm
  • Good freezing quality

 *Patented varieties cannot be propagated without permission. Royalty fees are included in their price